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Chris & Robert are The Film Flamers - a podcast covering the production, film history, and legacy of each horror film (or horror adjacent film) they cover, with a bit of comedy tossed in! Expect deep dives of both new and old favorites, hot takes and movie reviews of new releases, top ten lists, and the latest horror movie news. When it comes to horror movies, The Film Flamers podcast has you covered… in blood!

Alien (1979)

July 13th, 2020

Join us for an especially epic deep dive into Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi horror classic, Alien - where no one can hear you scream. We wanted to do this one the justice it deserves, so we've packed this episode to the brim with scene-by-scene observations, along with conversations about the history, background, psychology, legacy, and as always, fun facts surrounding the film! 

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  • Week 1: Shooting the Flames: July 2020
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  • Week 3: Aliens (1986)
  • Week 4: Top Ten Alien Horror Movies


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